A Walk through our Sanctuary

Sulina is not a “business” or “tourist attraction”, it is a Special Faerie (Fairy) and Angel Sanctuary. Home of Ian and Minky Sulin, lovingly shared, for the sole purpose to re-connect everyone who passes by to the Natural World, and make them aware of her loving Caretakers and Guardians!

Everyone who passes by, ends up returning with a picnic basket and staying a whole day in this healing Sanctuary they now call home.

A True Human Tale that ends “Happily Ever After”

Our Enchanted Garden

Our Enchanted Garden is left for the Natural Caretakers to take care of, and the Humans just help with the heavy stuff, watering and composting! No poisons or chemicals are used here. As a result, the Garden runs on its own Eco-system and everything lives here! It has truly become a tiny Magical Nature reserve!

This Magical Home and Garden is Loved by Children of all ages... many happy Faerie picnics and Birthdays are celebrated here! And many Healing Groups have stimulated inspirational and uplifting workshops for Children... and the Creation of these Safe Cyber Homes.

Our Sanctuary's Gallery

The "Faerie-nuf" home gallery is seen as an "Adoption Centre" for all the unique creations that come through Sulina's creative family. It runs on Love and Trust and all visitors are left alone to enjoy the experience of being 5 years old again, and everyone shrinks down to enjoy the Magic that goes on in every little nook and cranny!

The Gallery grew, from constant requests by visitors for Faeries to adopt to take home with them! Minky really just wanted to create a special place for you to come and relax with the Faeries and Angels in ! TeeHee !

Meet Sulina's Creative Humans

The humans who look after the Faeries are incredibly fortunate to be part of such a special world. They are passionate people who bring so much good energy to Sulina! 

The Faeries love these guys!

  • Ian & Minky

    "The Continent of Sulina" is a manifestation of a promise that Minky made to her Faerie and Angel Friends when she was a young child that one day she would create a safe home for them to live in.

    She finally got brave enough to change her life and move to Swellendam, where she met the man of her dreams, Ian Sulin! A local potter, he introduced her to clay and the Faerie Sculptures came to life! 30 years later Sulina has grown into what it is today!

  • Sera Hogben

    Sera is Minky's youngest daughter. She is looking after her mothers dream and is helping to take it to a whole other level. She puts her heart into our Sanctuary and her contribution to the place has helped revive the energy! She is dedicated to the well-being of our future and her dreams and aspirations promise great things for Sulina! Together with her awesome team, the Faeries are in good hands. She looks after their beautiful garden and opens the visitors eye's to the magic they have inside!

  • Ferne Skibbe

    Ferne is Minky's oldest daughter. Most people who know her know that she is a big spirit with great enthusiasm for life! She brings so much joy to those in her world, and there's always fun to be had when she's around! She is multi-talented...... from sewing to DIY, to being the most fabulous tour guide! Her big heart helps her to be the loving person that she is and the world could do with a few more Ferne's. We treasure her so much! To many more fun years ahead!!!!

  • Almary Rossouw

    Almary is known as our Head Elf and the sanctuary wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasn’t for this wonderful woman! She started out as a visitor, and 15 years ago she became part of the team. When she’s not an Elf you will find her in her Gi and black belt teaching Karate! A born teacher and leader who leads her Dojo with fierce passion. She’s living out her childhood dream! She is a true inspiration! Our powerful dynamite Elf! And we are proud to have you as part of our Faerie family!

  • Zetti Julius

    Meet Suzette, fondly known as Zettie! This wonderful woman, of Khoi San Heritage, grew up in the little town of Suurbraak, just outside Swellendam. Her HUGE heart and beautiful soul is a gift to those who work with her! She is multi-talented, and has added her mark to our Sanctuary through her impressive gardening and creative skills. And boy can she paint!! We are proud and honoured to have her as part of our team!

  • Chantelle Eurelle

    Chantelle is a close friend and has been part of the family for many years. Her love for animals enhances her already beautiful heart, and her warm nature lights up the room! Her contribution to our online presence has opened up the sanctuary to the world! She has skills that fit right into the mix of our team, and with her the puzzle is complete. She is an irreplaceable gift!

  • General times

    Every public holiday and everyday during school holidays.
    Wednesday to Saturdays - 9am till 4pm.
    Sundays - 10am to 4pm.

    Closed: Mondays and Tuesdays.

  • Entrance Fees

    Adults - R30

    Children (13 and under) - R20

    Pensioners - R20