Sulina's Story

Welcome to The Continent of Sulina, Swellendam's special Sanctuary for Faeries (Fairies), Angels and all gentle beings ... we are dedicated to the protection and preservation of all the positive energies of Love, Light and Magic!

The humans who look after our Sanctuary and the "Faerie-nuf Folk" invite you to become 5 years old again and tip-toe through their natural enchanted forest garden ... become lost in a positive way amongst the magical world of mushroom rings and wishing wells, and experience the child-like essence of true wonderment and joyful happiness!

This tiny tranquil paradise is the humble home of creative potter Ian Sulin and daughter Sera. It was Ian's late wife Minky's dream to create this special sanctuary, shared with unconditional love, to inspire everyone who enters the sanctuary to find the positive magical energies snuggling within them all. Affirming that we are allowed to follow our dreams, to love ourselves and all we do, and to open ourselves to the adventure that life truly is!

Sulina was born on the 7th March 1991, and is a manifestation of a promise Minky made to her Angelic and Faerie friends as a young child that one day she would create a home for them all, as well as for all humans who needed a bit of magic in their lives. Over the years her strength and faith in making her dreams come true saw her Sanctuary growing into a wonderful reality and has become a world wide legend!

Ian and Minky's love for the earth and their respect for it's natural gardeners has created a self sufficient garden that runs on it's own eco-system in perfect harmony. It is filled with an abundance of many varieties of bromeliads, succulents, fern's galore and a special bird-life not seen in many gardens anymore. Winding paths lead you to secret hideaways which have you literally shrinking down to the size of a child ... whispering and treading lightly as you witness the magic of our splendid garden and the secrets it holds!

Our Gallery is a wonderment of handmade creations, ornaments for in and around the home and garden, unique and individual Faerie gardens, Stoneware Faerie Houses and accessories, uplifting cards and so much more!

Through our new online faerie adoption center, all this is now on offer to adopt and conveniently have delivered to your door. Be sure to visit here often as our items are mostly one-of-a-kind creations and new hatch-lings are being born every day.